Welcome to a cartoon Liverpool history.
Discover there is more to the history of Liverpool than the slave trade, Irish immigration and The Beatles!

One theory is that the Roman Army never settled in Liverpool because the place never really existed, and that an earthquake forced a huge shift to the route of the Mersey long after they had left. Either way, there was plenty of activity in Roman Liverpool. Coins, jewellery and pottery has been found all around the area. Even evidence of a Roman tile factory by what is now the M62!

Click image to read about the History of Roman Liverpool.
We never had an amphitheatre to play footy in,
but there was definitely something going on in Liverpool during Roman Times.
Read about the Ancient tattoo covered scouse Britons, The Tarbock Tile Factory and where the Romans ‘may’ have been in the Roman Era.

Basically, if you avoided being shipped off to Rome as a slave, you’d be “Optimus Primus”. 

After defeating the English King Harold at the Battle of Hastings, William ‘The Conqueror’ invited his rich nobelmen over from Northern France to help control his new kingdom. The Norman Knights introduced new words to the English like ‘Royal’, ‘Castle’ and ‘Money’. They built a castle in West Derby and wrote about the wider Liverpool area in their ‘Domesday Book’.

Click image to read about the Normans arriving in 1066.
Discover the scouse connections with the Battle of Hastings.
Find out how people in Anglo-Saxon West Derby trained killer hawks.
Read what the Domesday book said about YOUR ancestors.
See what West Derby Castle looked like,
and learn what the West Derby Hundred was all about.

Basically, if you could speak French, avoided getting an arrow in the eye and knew the right people, you’d be “bien”.

n the 1200s people started to move from the settlement at West Derby out towards the river. In 1207 King John officially declared Medieval Liverpool a ‘town’ and built a castle there. Today’s Castle Street and Dale Street have the same names they did 1000 years ago. Half of those living in Liverpool were wiped out by the Black Death Plague, but those who survied were better off than ever.

Next, read about Liverpool history in medieval times.
Find out how Liverpool gets its name.
Learn that King John wasn’t such a bad guy after all.
See what Liverpool Castle looked like.
It was good enough for Royalty to stay there!
Discover your place in the medieval feudal system.

Basically, if you avoided the deadly bubonic plague and knew how to make something, medieval Liverpool was not half as bad as might think…

 This period covers the end of the Black Death through to the Tudors (roughly 1350 – 1500). During this period two rich Liverpool families (The Stanleys and the Molyneux) were either fighting themselves or fighting the French together! Both the Stanley and Molyneux families took armies down to both the Battle of Bosworth (War of The Roses) and Agincourt (100 years war)

Read the ‘forgotten’ History of Liverpool during the Late Middle Ages.
Discover how rich rivals, the Molyneux and Stanley families,
nearly tore town apart with a 3000 men riot.
Scousers fight France at the Battle of Agincourt
and bring an end to the War of the Roses
Squirm when the Princes in the Tower meet their fate via deadly scouse hands…

Basically, if you could hold a pitchfork, or better still a sword, you’d be knighted.

 Son against father, daughter against mother… The English Civil War torn the country apart. People fought for either Parliament or Government to rule the country. It resulted in more deaths than World Wars I and II combined. The English Civil War was the first to be reported in the newly invented ‘News Paper’, from the recently invented printing press.

The English Civil War comes to town.
It’s Crown versus Parliament in the Civil War.
Killing more people than the first and second world wars combined.
10,000 men attack Liverpool Castle but and dashing
Prince Rupert arrives (with his dog and ‘invisible’ monkey) to save the day.
The King’s head was chopped off and Christmas was cancelled!!!

  Basically, providing you didn’t actually live in England during this period… you’d be alright!


 Liverpool was transformed during the 1700s from a small costal port into one of the worlds most important shipping and trade areas. Contrary to popular belief, Liverpool did not invent the slave trade (which had been around for 1000s of years) and most of the cities wealth came from Cotton and Sugar imports and Piracy, not slavery.

Sailors, Sailboats, Slaves and Sugar… Lots of Sugar
Liverpool becomes a centre of world trade.
It was piracy – plundering other ships on the seven seas – and not slavery
that brought the main wealth to Liverpool.
Liverpool merchants make millions from importing sugar
as soon Georgian Liverpool becomes the tooth decay capital of the world!

Basically, if you avoided being Shanghaied
and brushed your teeth with something other than gin, you’d be ship-shape matey.

 Depending on if you were rich or poor, Victorian Liverpool was the greatest place on earth to live. Or the worst… Many had an amazing life with the new inventions of cinema, railways, photography and electricity. Some were lucky to survive until the next day, and that wasn’t much to look forward to!

Victorian Liverpool – The Tale of Two Cities
Liverpool becomes the second most powerful city in the world.
With Stephenson’s Rocket, we give birth to Railways.
Discover the history of Liverpool and Everton football clubs.
and learn that St George’s Hall wasn’t built back-to-front after all!

Basically, if you avoided cholera, street crime and Spring-heeled Jack
then you could have a jolly good time indeed.

The story of the Blitz Bombings were Liverpool people lived in fear of being bombed by German planes night after night. 1000s are killed and Liverpool is devastated by the Blitz bombings. The story of food rationing and evacuation as Liverpool enters World War II. Start by reading the incredible (and mostly true) story of Hitler living in Liverpool
Führer across the Mersey – Liverpool At War
Learn about Adolf Hitler living in Liverpool.
Yes, Hitler didn’t just bomb our chippy, he could have worked in it!
Discover the truth and half-truths about the Hitler family that lived in Liverpool.
Rationing, Evacuation and the World War II blitz.

Basically, if you managed to be evacuated out to the Welsh countryside
and knew how to say more than “Yaki da”, you’d be yn ddiogel!

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